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The Mediterranean Sea - bordered by three continents and 22 countries:
Gibraltar, Spain, France, Montecarlo, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Albania, Greece
, Syria, LebanonIsrael, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco and the island-States of Malta and of Cyprus
each with its own language, culture and history.

There are six large islands: Majorca, Corsica, Sardinia, Sicily, Crete and Cyprus,
plus a total of around 3300 smaller islands: Spain 8, Italy 60, Croatia 1185, Greece 2000…
It would take a life-time of sailing to visit them all!

Rome, Venice, Constantinople (Istanbul), Carthage, Cairo and Athens, capitals of the ancient maritime empires, are a must to visit for those who surely  are descendants of the ancient navigators and conquerors, and who have an innate, adventurous desire to travel, to explore, to learn and to discover.

Take a long cruise in the Mediterranean on your yacht and follow the adventurous course of Ulysses, or of the ancient commercial Phoenician navigators, and shelter in the very same harbours, only a day's comfortable sailing from each other, where today you will find all the necessary services and facilities to make it all much easier for you.

 Enjoy the wealth of the many local dishes and wines, the pleasant sunny climate that ensures you year-long cruising, the azure, clear, warm waters and the friendly peoples living its shores. Explore the infinite islands, the dazzlingly white-washed towns and the ruins of many a glorious past, stretching back 6000 years or more and cover the major steps of modern man’s cultural and spiritual development. It is no surprise that the Mediterranean was in factthe birth-place of Modern Man and of Western Culture.

Nowhere will you find such a compact variety of tourist destinations.
The distance from Miami to Bermuda would take you half way across the whole length of the Mediterranean Sea,
and along the shores of eight countries.
Whereas a few day’s cruise from Venice to Athens, some 700 nautical miles, takes you through six countries and to well over 1000 islands .... and through 3000 years of history!

 Being a closed sea, the Mediterranean does not have the length of fetch of the oceans, which can whip up monstrous seas in a storm. There are no hurricanes or tidal problems in the Mediterranean to worry sailors
and the many islands will often provide shelter in their lee side from any uncomfortably disturbed sea.

 And what’s more, there are no sharks or poisonous fish to haunt swimmers, which you will find in most tropical waters.

So do come and enjoy an unforgettable cruise in the Mediterranean.

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The rest of Greek Islands, Cyprus and Croatia are also part of Southern Mediterranean.

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